Why Nile Rodgers Chose LE SSERAFIM To Be His First K-Pop Collaboration And What He Really Thinks About The Genre

He didn’t have to think twice about his answer.

Nile Rodgers is a world-famous musician and producer who is known for his many contributions to the music industry. It goes without saying that he has collaborated with many famous artists like Madonna, Lady GagaDavid Bowie, and more. Now—for the first time ever—he has stepped into the world of K-Pop and has worked with none other than LE SSERAFIM!

Nile Rodgers | @nilerodgers/Instagram
LE SSERAFIM | @Le_Sserafim/Instagram

Recently, Rodgers and the “Unforgiven” singers sat down for an exclusive interview with GRAMMY. The former was asked why he chose the girl group to be his first K-Pop collaboration.

Nile, you have collaborated with many legendary artists throughout the decades. What made you choose LE SSERAFIM to be your first K-Pop collaboration?

— Tássia Assis, GRAMMY

| @le_sserafim/Twitter

And it was an incredibly easy answer for him! When he had heard the song “Unforgiven” for the first time, he instantly fell in love with it. His answer made the girls gush and thank him.

  • Nile Rodgers: Why? Because when I heard the song, I loved it.
  • LE SSERAFIM: Thank you!
| @le_sserafim/Twitter

In a follow up question, he was asked about his general impression of K-Pop and what he thinks its growth in America and across the world will be like.

| @nilerodgers/Instagram

The “Le Freak” producer expressed appreciation for the harmonic changes in recent K-pop songs, which he finds more interesting than what has been happening in other music genres recently.

He explained that the chord changes are “a lot more interesting” than in other genres, and as someone with a jazz background, he appreciates it a lot.

This may sound nerdy, but I love the fact that it seems like a lot of the K-pop that I’m hearing lately, the new music, [has] the harmonic changes. The chord changes are a lot more interesting than what’s been happening [in other music fields] over the last few years. And that’s made me excited, because I come from a jazz background, so to hear chord changes like that is really cool.

— Nile Rodgers

| @nilerodgers/Instagram

They’re not afraid, which is great to me,” he concluded.

In a separate interview, member Sakura reflected on what makes LE SSERAFIM different from her previous groups. Check out her answer in the article below.

Sakura Dishes On The One Thing LE SSERAFIM Has That Her Three Previous Groups Lacked

Source: GRAMMY


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