Nine Moments When The Members of TWICE Were One With Their Spirit Animals

The resemblance is uncanny!

Do you ever wonder would it would look like if the members of TWICE posed with their spirit animals?

Well wonder no more! We’ve got you covered.

Behold the glorious photos!

1) Sana – Shiba

Don’t you love photos of twins?

2. Mina – Penguin


Even Photoshop couldn’t hide the fact that Mina fits in perfectly with her sisters.

3. Dahyun – Eagle


From her “eagle-eye” in finding every camera on her to her viral eagle dance pre-debut, it’s a no brainer that Dahyun loved meeting a mini-version of her spirit animal!

4. Nayeon – Bunny


While it doesn’t seem like Nayeon has documented meeting a real bunny, her stuffed bunny shows just how uncanny the resemblance is!

5. Momo – Chicken


What kind of food connoisseur would Momo be if she didn’t rep one of her favorite meals, chicken?

6. Chaeyoung – Lion


Like Simba, Chaeyoung just can’t wait to be queen!

7. Jeongyeon – Dragon

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Jeongyeon could easily be the mother of dragons! She’s already in practice mode!

8. Tzuyu – Fox

Tzuyu embracing her inner “foxy” side by showing her mischievous side!

9. Jihyo – Unicorn


Like a unicorn, Jihyo has beauty, she has grace, and also a pure lovely soul!

. . .