NMIXX’s Lily Wanted To Become A K-Pop Idol Because Of This JYPE Group

Hopefully, they’ll be able to meet in person one day!

Record label JYP Entertainment or JYPE has a long history of success in K-Pop. Their idols have undoubtedly inspired many people to become trainees in the hopes of one day becoming a singer.

JYPE girl group TWICE performing their song “Talk That Talk” | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

Some of those aspiring trainees have since grown up and debuted themselves! That includes NMIXX‘s lovable eldest member and vocalist, Lily!

NMIXX’s Lily | @NMIXX_official/Twitter

Any of JYPE’s singers could have motivated her since their pedigree goes way back to the late 1990s. Maybe it was the K-Pop legend Rain, who made his first comeback with the company in 2002, the same year Lily was born!

Rain performing “It`s Raining,” which was released under JYPE | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

It could have also been one of JYPE’s girl groups, like miss A.

JYPE girl group miss Aperforming their song “Bad Girl, Good Girl” | missA/YouTube

Or perhaps it was one of the groups whose members are closer to her age, like TWICEITZY, or Stray Kids.

JYPE boy group Stray Kids performing their song “Maniac” | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

Surprisingly, it’s none of them!

In a fan-led question parade hosted by hello82, Lily was asked, “When was the moment you realized that you wanted to become a K-Pop idol?

NMIXX’s Lily and her fan | hello82/YouTube

Lily’s answer brought a squeal out of her fan! “When I went to a 2PM sunbaenim concert when I was a trainee, and I was really emotional. Yeah, it made me feel so good, and I wanted to do that too. So, yeah!”

Although Lily was already a trainee by that time, 2PM may have been the group to inspire her to keep pushing and eventually debut with NMIXX!

JYPE boy group 2PM performing their song “Hands Up” | 2PM/YouTube

It just goes to show how far-reaching the influence of K-Pop has become.

TWICE, GOT7, DAY6, and Stray Kids performing JYPE songs together | KBS WORLD TV/YouTube

Hopefully, more trainees will be encouraged to pursue their dreams!

Watch the whole question parade featuring NMIXX below.