No One Believed That This 38 Year-Old Was A Legendary K-Pop Visual, Until He Lost 60 Pounds

Noh Yoo Min was part of an idol group called NRG back in the 1990s and early 2000s.


He was very famous for his good looks and in the recent years have been criticized for how much he has changed since youth.


He became a fat Ajussi with a beard and long un-styled hair.


He boldly proclaimed out of spite that if he were to lose his weight then everyone would go crazy.


Noh Yoo Min was not wrong because his recent weight loss pictures prove his beauty.


He is 38 years old today and fans cannot believe how beautiful he is even at his age now.

“If he was born in this generation and were to go on Produce 101 and even if he was ranked F he would make it to finals because of his good looks”

– Anonymous Netizen



The younger generation may not have know about him but the older generation of K-Pop fans still remember him and his “legendary visuals”.