No one believes this blue-eyed model is Korean at first glance

One model is currently receiving attention in Korea for her extremely unique look.

She goes by the name Banana and is a makeup and fashion model. Her voluminous body and unique facial features such as her deep-set eyes and luscious lips have everyone confusing her for a foreign model!

She often appears to wear blue color lenses as her signature look. However, she is actually full Korean!

Check out some of her recent photos below!


Thanks to her uniquely attractive appearance, she has quite a following and boasts over 160,000 followers on her Instagram.


She appeared in several music videos including MASC‘s “Strange” and Elo‘s “Rose.”





She also has many pictorials under her belt, including one she recently participated in for a cosmetic brand. The images show off her unique appearance and explain why she is currently on the rise.

Also, check out her appearance in the music videos for MASC’s “Strange” and Elo’s “Rose” below!