No One Could Possibly Survive This Visual Explosion Of ASTRO’s Eunwoo Vs. BTS’s V

Let them bless you with their beauty.

ASTRO‘s Eunwoo and BTS‘s V have both won the title of best looking idols, hand picked by other K-Pop idols themselves, for the past two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018. Eunwoo and V, put side by side, create a visual explosion that K-Pop has never seen before.


Without question, both Eunwoo and V look out-of-this-world good and their fans can’t possibly decide one or the other. However, fans have noticed that while Eunwoo looks softer, V looks fiercer; and they are in love with the two very different colors these idols give off!



Here’s Eunwoo vs. V in glasses…


… and masks!



Fans are now calling the gap between their vibes as “the temperature difference” – which simply means, for the fans, Eunwoo is a warmer kind of handsome, while V is a cooler kind of handsome!



Check out how Eunwoo is more of a fairy in flowers…


… while V is a godly creature.


Even in similar clothing styles, Eunwoo and V give off opposite vibes! These stripes look almost identical, but they’re working completely differently for each idol…



… as are these pink shirts. While these are both your average-pink shirts, something about Eunwoo’s shade of pink is fluffy peachy but V’s is spicy and vibrant.



From these comparisons, one thing has become very clear for the fans – and that is the fact that Eunwoo and V are both gorgeous AF. It’s no wonder they’ve won their titles as the “Idols’ Idols”!

Source: THEQOO