No One Knew This Heartbreaking Speech Would Be Kim Joo Hyuk’s Final Message

The final message that Kim Joo Hyun left in his last TV interview is gaining attention.

Kim Joo Hyuk won the “Best Supporting Actor” at The Seoul Awards on October 27, his first award in his acting career.

The last interview took place right after him receiving this award at Kyung Hee University Peace Palace. In this heartbreaking interview, he expressed how happy he is for the award.

“It feels good.

I was able to win the award because of the love and support around me.

It means many people approved of my role.

Thank you so much”

— Kim Joo Hyuk 

He was also asked to leave a short message to Hyun Bin, his co-star for the movie “Confidential Assignment”

“I will pay you back”

— Kim Joo Hyuk

In his short interview, he was asked to leave a short message to the netizens, and he replied with finger hearts.

“Hi everyone, I received the “Best Supporting Actor” award!”

— Kim Joo Hyuk

Three days after the interview, Kim Joo Hyuk passed away in a car accident.

You can watch his last words from the video below