No One Told This Girl She Was Gorgeous And She Went Through 30 Plastic Surgeries

A young 22-year-old girl from Hong Kong revealed why she decided to undergo over 30 cosmetic procedures, which she now regrets.

Berry Ng had her first plastic surgery done when she was only 17 years old.

Even though she was beautiful from the beginning, she decided to get the surgery done because she envied the perfect looks of famous models.

For her first time, she was ultimately persuaded by a beauty center who was offering discounts to student patients.

But the beauty center kept persuading her to fix this and that about herself, lowering her self-esteem.

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Although the beauty center persuaded her to get a couple surgeries, she got the most amount of procedures done when she was 21.

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She revealed that she was dating a 29-year-old boyfriend at the time, who often criticized her looks by comparing her to other girls.

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With her self-esteem very low, she decided to get 30 plastic surgeries done in 6 months in the hopes of satisfying her now ex-boyfriend.

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Even after completely transforming her face, her cruel ex-boyfriend found more things to criticize her face.

“At that moment, if he had stopped me and told me that I was beautiful enough, I would have stopped…

But he didn’t.”

— Berry Ng

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He even started complaining about the size of her breasts, and Berry went to get her breasts augmentation.

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But when she came out after the surgery, her ex-boyfriend said that he never asked her to do the surgery.

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It literally broke Berry’s heart.

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While looking in the mirror, she realized that she preferred the way that she looked before she got any plastic surgery done.

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She finally came to the conclusion that she shouldn’t be going under the knife to find confidence.

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She ended her addiction to plastic surgery and started making videos on Youtube, helping many girls just like her.

Berry solemnly swears not to undergo any more surgeries to change more of her features.


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