Nobody Can Believe How Gorgeous Sana Was At Inkigayo On Sunday (10 Graphics)

No Sana No Life.

TWICE made a comeback on SBS‘s Inkigayo stage on Sunday to promote their new songs “What is Love” and “Say Yes”. While all the girls looked amazing, Sana is causing a stir online for her exceptional visuals during the performance, calling her appearance a “pretty explosion”!


1. Sana can steal your breath without moving a muscle!


2. An arrow straight through your heart!


3. How can Sana be this cute yet lovely at the same time?


4. Just a burst of colors and happiness!


5. Yet she’ll do a 180 and show off a whole new charm!


6. “What is Love?” You ask?


7. Well, here’s a clue…


8. Did you figure out the answer by watching Sana?


9. Love = Sana, of course!


10. On or off stage, Sana is a living goddess.


11. Witness the “pretty explosion” yourself!

Source: Instiz and Sports MK