Nobody Realized TWICE’s Jeongyeon And KARD’s Somin Are Actually Cousins

This is one talented family.

KARD sat down for an interview with International BNT where they talked about their friendships with other groups.

Somin then revealed something interesting – She’s actually related to TWICE‘s Jeongyeon!

“Jeongyeon is the niece of my father’s younger brother’s wife. As we are the same age, we were able to become close quickly.”


Somin isn’t the only celebrity related to Jeongyeon. Jeongyeon’s older sister, Yoo Seung Yeon, is an actress who goes by the stage name Gong Seung Yeon. Seung Yeon starred in the recent KBS drama, “Are You Human Too?” opposite Seo Kang Jun.

Despite this, Somin and Jeongyeon have not been seen together because of their schedules. Let’s hope they find a day to meet up, for the fans!

Source: Naver