Noonas Are Going Crazy For This Rookie Idol And His Outstanding Visuals

Protect your heart because this idol is prepared to steal it!

Every fan knows that when they get introduced to any new idols or groups that they have to guard their heart well because if they don’t they can easily find themselves getting pulled even deeper into the fandom. While this is already hard enough as it is, there is one rookie idol who is making it that much harder for everyone.


A.C.E may be a rookie group, but they’re only a rookie in the sense that they debuted a little over a year ago.


Because when it comes to causing heart attacks, this group is killer and their leader, Jun, is one of the major reasons why.


Jun has some absolutely outstanding visuals that fans can’t help but go crazy over.


He somehow manages to look both flirty and dashing without even trying and looks good from every single angle!


His princely features have captured the hearts of fans and non-fans alike.


It also doesn’t help that Jun is beyond talented…


Incredibly sweet…


And ridiculously sexy!


With so many secret weapons at his disposal, no wonder noonas everwhere are having such a hard time!


And even when everyone knew that they should guard themselves well because of his extremely good looks and amazing talents…


He can still catch you a little bit off-guard.


In fact, sometimes he makes it a little hard to breathe…


Okay, really hard to breathe!


Really, really hard to breathe!


Which might be why he’s causing so many heart attacks!


And why noonas everywhere are going absolutely crazy for him!