Why It’s Extremely Dangerous To Go Out Past 10 PM In North Korea

If you go out at night, there’s a genuine possibility of not returning.

North Korean defector-turned-influencer Kang Na Ra sat down with a South Korean to answer people’s questions about North Korea. One of those questions was about safety and why it was so dangerous to go out at night.

Kang Na Ra | @kang_naraa/Instagram

Since South Korea is so safe that anyone can leave their laptop and return to find it in the same place, Sang Hee wondered if the same level of safety was possible in North Korea. She asked if it was “safe to walk the streets at night.” Although North Korea doesn’t have an official curfew, Kang Na Ra warned, “You’re not allowed to go out after 10 pm.

She revealed that the cover of the night made it easier for thieves to steal from unknowing people. Kang Na Ra explained, “But the street lamps will be turned off, and there are many robbers on the streets at night.” It gets far more dangerous, though.

On more than one occasion in North Korea, all it took was a thief spotting a piece of jewelry on someone for the robbery to end in death.

If they see you wearing a necklace, they harm you. People actually get killed by them.

— Kang Na Ra

The saddest part of all, Kang Na Ra revealed that it’s common to hear about people being murdered at night.

There’s been quite many cases of torso murder. You should be careful.

— Kang Na Ra

Listen to Kang Na Ra speak about the life or death situation posed by going out past 10 pm in North Korea.