North Korean Defector Shares Tearful Story Of How She Escaped North Korea, As Well As Some Of Her Regrets

She almost died while escaping.

A YouTube channel by the name of “YonTongTV” had a North Korean defector share some details of how she escaped North Korea. The defector’s name is Kang Nara. She reveals that her birth mother had defected first while she was traveling abroad.

Kang Nara’s birth mother once called her to see if she also wanted to come to South Korea. Kang Nara was hesitant to take the offer, but after some time, she decided to take the offer.

Kang Nara’s birth mother got to work and got her a broker immediately.

Kang Nara’s journey to South Korea was an extremely exhausting one, where she had to cross rivers, as well as travel to multiple places.

Kang Nara felt fear throughout her whole journey because soldiers would constantly shine their lights searching for her.

Kang Nara also almost died while crossing the Amrok River because she never learned to swim. She lost hold of her broker’s hand and was overtaken by the strong currents.

Kang Nara also still keeps in contact with her family in North Korea. Due to the high amount of North Korean defectors, it’s almost impossible to find all the family members of those who defected, so her family is relatively safe.

Kang Nara also reveals that she wishes she had treated her family in North Korea better when she was living with them.

She couldn’t hold back tears as she revealed this confession, as she truly loved her family.

Kang Nara also reveals that she misses her friends and family from North Korea. She tears up at the fact that she can’t gather with her North Korean family anymore.

Here is the full video below.