Norwegian Rock Band BigBang’s Homage To K-Pop Kings BIGBANG Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

They noticed they had the same group name and had a party with it!

Just so things don’t get any more confusing than they have to be, the Norwegian band will be stylized as “BigBang,” while the K-Pop group will be stylized as “BIGBANG”. *whew*

Norwegian rock trio BigBang (left) and K-Pop’s BIGBANG


When bands have the same name, sometimes things can get a little bit awkward, but Norway’s BigBang handled sharing a name with one of the biggest K-Pop groups in the world – BIGBANG – like champions.

In the music video for BigBang’s latest single “BELLS,” the band is mistakenly booked by a Korean CEO’s Japanese business partner in Kyrgyzstan to play at the CEO’s daughter’s birthday party in LA (this is a very multicultural music video!)

In the video VIPs are lining up for miles waiting to get in to see BIGBANG only to realize… it’s not BIGBANG. The heiress and partygoers were not impressed, but BigBang continues to perform for the lackluster crowd until they get everyone grooving along.

This lighthearted, fun video was the perfect way to address the unavoidable mixups that BigBang must face *all the time*.

VIPs in the video’s comment section are also loving the music video.

Ok, i saw this on twitter. My fellow BigBang(korean ones) stans share it . Anyway, nice song .

– Youtube: A GDragon stan VIP88

😂💖 VIP here 👏🏼👋🏻👋🏻

– Youtube: Edith A.

Watch the full BIGBA- er, BigBang video below: