11 of I.O.I’s Best Moments From Produce 101 As Ranked By Nostalgic Fans

These legendary performances from the girls who got into the top 11 caught the attention of the public and granted them the chance to debut in I.O.I

Despite the fact that project group I.O.I disbanded, the members of the girl group still garner plenty of attention and have a huge fanbase. Devoted fans have compiled the most renowned and notable performances that captured the hearts of the nation for each member in I.O.I

Somi (1st place)

Somi, from JYP Entertainment, during her cover performance of “Into the New World” originally performed by Girls’ Generation.

Sejeong (2nd place)

Sejeong, from Jellyfish Entertainment, during her cover performance of “Irony” originally performed by Wonder Girls.

Yoojung (3rd place)

Yoojung, who is under Fantagio, during her legendary performance of “Bang Bang”.

Chungha (4th place)

Chungha from M&H Entertainment during her audition for Produce 101 in which she improvised a dance on the spot.

Sohye (5th place)

Sohye, who is currently under S&P Entertainment, during her performance of “Full Moon” originally by Sunmi.

Kyulkyung (6th place)

Kyulkyung, who is just about to debut in Pristin, during her sexy performance of “Full Moon”.

Chaeyeon (7th place)

Chaeyeon from MBK Entertainment during her beautiful performance of “Into the New World”.

Doyeon (8th place)

Doyeon from Fantagio during her amazing cover performance of f(x)‘s “La Cha Ta”.

Mina (9th place)

Mina from Jellyfish Entertainment as she adorably chews on food during the program.

Nayoung (10th place)

Nayoung, who is also about to debut in Pristin, during her performance of “Fingertips”.

Yeonjung (11th place)

Yeonjung, who is also a member of Cosmic Girls during her performance of “Into the New World” in which she exhibited her impressive vocals.

Source: Instiz