Nothing Can Distract BTS’s Jungkook Once He Decides To Go All In

He always gives 100%!

Nothing can break BTS Jungkook‘s concentration when he puts his mind to it! In a recent episode of Run BTS!, Jungkook and Jimin decided to practice tennis together for the show’s long-term tennis project, and Jungkook didn’t hesitate to go all in.

In fact, he worked so hard during the lesson that he barely said a word.

Whether he was ensuring that his form was correct or swinging his racket with the right timing, his concentration did not break.

After practice ended and they finished picking up all of the tennis balls, Jimin and Jungkook debriefed in front of the camera—or rather, Jimin did. Jungkook continued to practice!

Hilariously, Jimin wasn’t even surprised when he noticed how distracted Jungkook was. He simply gave an explanation for Jungkook’s actions.

Jungkook worked so hard that he’s hard of hearing now.

— Jimin

The next day, J-Hope and RM went to the same venue for their lesson, and Jungkook decided to tag along. His practice was already paying off because he was able to teach RM a few tricks that he learned the previous day!

He then disappeared into a separate area for some solo tennis.

Once Jungkook puts his mind to something, he makes sure to excel at it. That’s dedication right there!

Although the results of Jungkook’s hard work have yet to be seen, the preview shows him celebrating after a successful shot. All of his effort appears to have been worth it!

Source: Run BTS EngSub