Nothing Can Stop NCT Ten’s Members From Celebrating His Birthday — Not Even When He’s Busy On The Toilet

True chaotic sibling energy is when they barge in on you on the toilet with a birthday cake.

The members of NCT have proved that nothing can stop them from celebrating Ten‘s birthday, as they did two years ago when they barged in on Ten when he was in the bathroom, and then once again this year when they threw him a surprise (online) birthday party.

In an Instagram live in March of 2020, NCT‘s Ten, YangYang, and Hendery hilariously re-enacted how they had celebrated Ten’s birthday that year…while he was on the toilet. In the live, Ten explained that he had just come home after a long schedule and had been “working hard on his business” in the bathroom when Kun suddenly knocked loudly on the door and asked him urgently to come out.

Worried that there was something wrong, Ten had opened the door, despite being “in that state,” as he put it.

Then, rather than explaining what happened next, YangYang suggested that the three of them re-enact the scene, with Ten pretending to be sitting on the toilet and YangYang and Hendery shuffling off-camera to where the door of WayV’s bathroom would approximately be.

Hendery and YangYang re-enacted how they had loudly knocked on the bathroom door until Ten opened it, at which point they had begun singing “Happy Birthday,” only for Ten to immediately kick the door closed again.

Ten said he had been confused about what was going on, but the members insisted that he open the door again, and even forcefully opened it themselves.

At that point, Ten had given up and just let the members in while he still sat on the toilet, even hilariously blowing out his birthday candle while sat there when they were done singing.

If there is one thing that proves that the members of WayV are like family, it is surely this. The way they barged in on Ten while he was on the toilet to sing him “Happy Birthday” is the true peak of chaotic sibling energy.

But even though Ten was not able to celebrate his birthday with his members in person this year due to his schedules in China, that didn’t stop his members from celebrating him. During his Instagram birthday live, Ten revealed that YangYang, Renjun and Shotaro had planned a surprise birthday party, and had called him unexpectedly to celebrate him.

It’s sweet (and hilarious) how far Ten’s fellow members will go to celebrate his birthday and make sure he’s appreciated. Hopefully fans will see them be reunited again soon for some more crazy shenanigans.

If you haven’t seen it, you can watch the full Instagram live in which they told the story of Ten’s bathroom birthday celebration on the link below!