Did You Notice The Bed-Creaking Sounds In EXO’s “Tempo”?

They might sound familiar.

EXO-Ls have pointed out some usual noises in EXO‘s highly-anticipated comeback track, “Tempo”.


Fans first noticed the “bed squeak” sounds after hearing an instrumental snippet of “Tempo” in the music video teaser.


In the full version, this squeaking can be heard more subtly, during the chorus.


Once you hear the bed squeaks, it’s impossible to unhear them.


Then again, maybe you won’t want to!


If “Tempo’s” bed squeak sounds familiar, it may be because there’s a similar sound effect used in NCT 127‘s “Baby Don’t Like It”.


Fans have even created side-by-side comparisons to show the samplings’ similarities.


To hear this amusing sound effect in action, check out the “Tempo” MV here.