Where Is She Now? 2nd Generation Girl Group Member Who Is Living Her Best Life In The U.S.

She’s the “New York neighborhood nuna” now.

Second-generation girl group Miss A disbanded six years ago. Recently, former Miss A member Min was seen living her best life in the U.S.

Min | JYP Entertainment

On November 20, travel YouTuber Mingoy YAMAN uploaded a video titled “A Miraculous New York Travel With Legendary Girl Group Member.”

In the video, he shared that he has a close “sister” friend in New York and planned to meet her.

I have a close sister-like friend who I always eat and hangout with. She goes to a gym in Manhattan. Today, sheh said she would make reservations for a class for us, so I’m going to see what Manhattan gyms look like.

— Mingoy YAMAN

The YouTuber headed to Manhattan to meet the nuna (or “older sister”), and the nuna turned out to be none other than former Miss A member Min.

| MingoyYAMAN/YouTube 

He then met Min at a hair salon, where she got her hair done and waited for Mingoy. Sporting her freshly cut hair, she introduced herself to Mingoy’s subscribers as “N.Y.N.N.,” an acronym she made up herself.

YAMAN subscribers, hello! I’m Mingoy’s N.Y.N.N., Min. N.Y.N.N. means ‘New York neighborhood nuna.’ We are currently on our way to do yoga.

— Min


Although Mingoy was surprised it was a yoga class, the two continued to head to the class. Mingoy shared that it has been one year since Min left Korea and has been living in New York, saying, “She has become a New Yorker.

When asked about the top three best things about living in New York, Min listed her favorite thing about the city.

I can experience various cultures… What else? Seoul has everything. There’s everything in Korea honestly.

— Min


Mingoy then turned the question around, asking what the worst thing about living in New York was. Min responded humorously.

It’s dirty. It’s smelly.

— Min


Like true New Yorkers, they took the subway, and Min adorably played games on her phone and, of course, watched a violinist busk inside the train.


They went to their yoga class after arriving at Min’s gym, where membership costs $300 a month. However, all the footage they filmed was asked to be removed by the gym because it was a private class.

After a successful yoga workout, Min and Mingoy went to eat burritos as big.


Amidst their taco mukbang, Mingoy brought up how Miss A was the top girl group back in the 2010s after they debuted. He jokingly compared her image back then to her image now.

You debuted in 2010 when I was in high school. Miss A was at the top at that time. For real. If you thought of Miss A’s Min then, she had a cold city girl image. Now, she’s a [New Yorker] who runs to cross the street before the traffic light changes.

— Mingoy YAMAN

Jia, Fei, Suzy, and Min (left to right) | JYP Entertainment

Min responded, “I’m still a city girl and a New Yorker now.” Seeing her taking yoga classes, taking the subway, and eating tacos at a local restaurant shows her living her best life in New York as a New Yorker!

| @therealminnn/Instagram

Min joined Miss A as the final member in 2010 and left the team in November 2017. The team officially disbanded a month later.

In October of 2022, Min performed on Broadway in the musical K-POP alongside other K-Pop stars, such as former U-KISS member Kevin Woo and f(x)‘s Luna.

Luna, Kevin Woo, Min, and Bohyung Kim (left to right) | @therealminnn/Instagram

The singer even celebrated her 13th debut anniversary this year with a billboard displayed in Times Square.

Check out the full New York vlog featuring Min.

Source: MingoyYAMAN/YouTube 

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