Now You Can Fly And Stay At Jeju Island For FREE, But There’s A Catch

The Jeju Island promised everyone a free place ticket but here’s the catch, you have to pick tangerines!

Jeju Island faced the trouble of looking for workers for the upcoming tangerine harvest season.

In addition to the free plane ticket, Jeju Farm Union will be paying $600 per day and a place to stay in a guest house for the labor.

And this is only for 20 days of labor! What a deal!

Jeju Island is well known for their tangerines and each year they are having difficulty in securing laborers.

This innovative idea is buzzing in Korea and hopefully the plan works in bring people to help out the local farmers.

With the beautiful scenery and the fresh waves, wouldn’t you want to join the tangerine picking business in Jeju?

Source: Dispatch