Where Is She Now? The K-Drama Child Actress Who Was Almost Kidnapped

Unfortunately, celebrities of all ages of end up with stalker fans.

Celebrities are able to live out their dreams in front of thousands of adoring fans. Unfortunately, some fans cross personal boundaries and head right into the stalker fan category and, in extreme cases, hurt the celebrity they claim to be a fan of.

For actress Kim Yoo Jung, her experience with a stalker fan almost led to her kidnapping as a child star.

Kim Yoo Jung in 2010.

Kim Yoo Jung first debuted as a model at the age of four before securing her first role in 2003 at the same age. She quickly became one of Korea’s most famous child actors, starring in Iljimae and Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho before transitioning to teenage roles.

Kim Yoo Jung in Iljimae | SBS

The actress won multiple best young actress awards for her role in the period drama Moon Embracing The Sun. She also appeared in May Queen in 2012, the same year she revealed her experience with a sasaeng fan.


Due to her rising star power, it seems she attracted some stalker fans, which she talked about during an episode of SBS‘s Strong Heart. During the show, she was asked about stalker fans, and she recounted the chilling story.


When I was in elementary school, there was a strange man who claimed to be my father. My teacher said that the man came to pick me up.

— Kim Yoo Jung

According to Kim Yoo Jung, the teacher asked her if she knew the man, and when she said no, the teacher called the cops.


While K-Pop fans are likely familiar with the story of EXO almost being kidnapped when sasaengs rented a van similar to their own, it was shocking to hear that someone so young had to deal with things like this.

Luckily, those around Kim Yoo Jung kept her safe, and the actress continued her career, landing her first leading role in Love In The Moonlight in 2016. She stunned fans earlier this year with how much she has grown up since her child star days during her photoshoot for Shakespear in Love.

| Amazing Entertainment
| Amazing Entertainment

As of late, the beautiful young actress has starred in two Netflix films — 20th Century Girl and The 8th Night — and will appear in the upcoming SBS drama My Demon alongside Nevertheless star Song Kang and Hometown Cha Cha star Lee Sang Yi.

| Netflix
Kim Yoo Jung in The 8th Night | Netflix


Source: Yahoo! News

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