Where Is She Now? K-Pop’s Controversial First Russian Solo Artist

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Over the years, seeing non-Koreans debut in the K-Pop industry has become increasingly common. Usually, these artists are from other Asian countries, like BLACKPINK’s Lisa hailing from Thailand, or the many members of NCT’s China line.

NCT’s Chenle and Kun | Dear. U Bubble

In 2019, a solo artist named Lana debuted, launching a massive discussion on her participation in the industry as a Russian woman.

| HiCC Media
| Lana/Weibo

In early 2019, HiCC Media shared that a new solo artist would debut under their label. Lana (born Yudina Svetlana Dmitrievna) had trained for two years under a different company before making her move and debuting with the digital single “Take The Wheel.”

International K-Pop fans had mixed feelings about her debut,  sharing they felt she did not have a place in K-Pop as someone who did not “identify” as Asian and was “white.” Others felt that K-Pop should be open to anyone and that she took many steps to make her debut, like being fluent in Korean and spending time as a trainee.

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Lana then released a second digital single, “Make It Real,” as a gift to her fans and supporters. With the release of both singles, Lana promoted on music shows and other programs, just as other K-Pop idols did.

After a short hiatus, it was announced that Lana would join the Chinese version of Produce 101Produce Camp, as a trainee. This announcement also yielded mixed reactions, much stronger than before, with many wondering why she would also attempt a debut in China.

| Produce Camp

Ultimately, she was eliminated in episode nine after ranking in twenty-second place overall. After releasing a Chinese single in October,  Lana was announced to be participating in another Chinese reality survival show, Bravo Youngster.

Lana’s activities slowed in 2021 and 2022, with the artist only releasing two more songs. In November 2022, Lana joined the cast of the dating program Eden, Descendants of Instinct (also known as EDEN). 

This show was called a much more sexy version of Singles Inferno, featuring singles unable to reveal certain details about themselves.


Following the season’s end, Lana teased that she was in a relationship with one of the other contestants on the show with a series of photos shared on her Instagram account.

| @23.11_/Instagram
| @23.11_/Instagram
| @23.11_/Instagram

In early 2023, Lana signed with Wild Entertainment Group, a label based in Singapore that is also home to former Wonder Girls member Yubin. The entertainer is currently active on social media, sharing photos of her life on Instagram and posting the occasional video to YouTube.


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