Where Are They Now? The K-Pop Group That Debuted With A “Lesbian Concept” And X-Rated Choreography

Were you a fan?

K-Pop groups often will debut with eye-catching gimmicks to gain popularity. While this sometimes works out, like with B.A.P dyeing all the member’s hair blond for their debut…

…other times the concept is too strong, much like with the debut of the girl group 4L (four ladies).

In 2014, entertainment company Jade Contents Media began sharing photos of their upcoming girl group. Three members, J-Na, Chany, and Jayoung, debuted together in M.O.A,  a group with a girl-crush-leaning concept.

4L, as they were revealed to be called, had a much sexier image from their first teaser, featuring the four members dressed in lingerie.


While sexy concepts are not and were not new at the time, netizens were shocked by the content of their debut music video, “Move.” In addition to the sexy outfits, the group performed extremely risque choreography throughout the song.

One of the “plot points” of the MV was also a lesbian scene, depicting two members getting hot and heavy in front of a mirror.

Due to this strongly suggestive choreography, the group primarily promoted at university festivals and military bases, only performing once on SBS‘s Inkigayo.



Member Yeseul ultimately left the group due to her discomfort with the extreme lengths the company pushed the girls to with the sexual concept.  Yeseul would make her solo debut in 2015 with the digital single “Love At First Sight.”

“Move” ended up being the group’s only release, and they quietly disbanded in 2016. J-Na and Jayoung re-debuted as a duo called J-Young in 2016, releasing a single, “I Don’t Know.”

J-NA has since remained out of the spotlight, while Jayoung sporadically posts videos of her life with her partner and children on YouTube and Instagram.

Chany re-debuted as a member of Ureka in 2016, though the group is thought to have quietly disbanded in 2018. She was active on Instagram but, as of late, seems to have abandoned the account.


Where Are They Now?

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