Now That MONSTA X’s Wonho Is Cleared Of All Drug Charges, Monbebes Are Asking Starship To Do Just One Thing

It’s what most Monbebes wish for Wonho.

MONSTA X‘s Wonho was recently cleared of all drug charges after being wrongfully accused of illegally using marijuana back in October 2019.

In an interview that he did with Dispatch, Wonho firmly stated that he has never done marijuana.

I do acknowledge my past issues. But this time, it isn’t it. I have never done marijuana. I clearly explained this to the police.

– Wonho

But in order to prevent further damage to the group, he chose to step down as a member of MONSTA X.

I thought the only way for the group to continue on was for me to leave as soon as I could. I wanted to prevent as much damage as possible from reaching the group.

– Wonho

Now that Wonho has been completely cleared of all drug charges, Starship Entertainment released a statement about their future plans with him. The concern of Monbebes is that their statement was a bit vague as to what will specifically happen to Wonho, since they only finished with this:

During the period of investigations, we had been waiting for a long time while doing our best to minimize his exposure to avoid false accusations with the help of our lawyer. We will not hold back in supporting Wonho’s decision for his future plans.

– Starship Entertainment

And so while the fans are overjoyed…

…they can’t help but feel sad because announcements of Wonho being back in the group haven’t been made yet.

Monbebes are reaching out to Starship Entertainment to remind them of their “promise” to support Wonho once his charges are cleared, but as of this writing, there is no official announcement yet.

For the time being, Monbebes are savoring the happiness of knowing that Wonho is innocent.

They also applaud his bravery for admitting his past mistakes.

The only question remaining is, what are Wonho’s plans for the future?

For more information about Wonho’s interview, you can read the full scoop here.

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