Where Is She Now? The Popular Korean Cheerleader Whose K-Pop Idol Debut “Failed”

It’s been seven years since her debut.

Popular Korean cheerleader Park Ki Ryang went viral for her idol-like visuals, gaining the attention of fellow celebrities and the public when she was acknowledged as one of Korea’s “most popular cheerleaders.

Her popularity lent itself to endorsement deals, variety show appearances, and more.

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Park Ki Ryang felt that the peak of her popularity was in 2014, and two years later, she tried her hand at becoming a K-Pop idol when she released her solo debut EP, Lucky Charm, in 2016.

The popular cheerleader admitted during an episode of Fantastic Duo 2 in 2017 that her solo debut was a “failure.” Park Ki Ryang had spent ₩200 million KRW (about $150,000 USD) on producing and promoting the album, but it was her only attempt at a singing career.

It’s been seven years since Park Ki Ryang’s self-admitted “failed” K-Pop debut, so what is she up to now?

Park Ki Ryang is currently a cheerleader for the professional basketball club Seoul SK Knights and the professional volleyball team Incheon Korean Air Jumbos.

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Park Ki Ryang remains a popular model for brands and continues to appear on variety programs, and appeared on the competition program Queen Of Wrestling in 2022.

She even showcased her singing talents once again while appearing on the popular reality program King Of Masked Singer in 2022.

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