Where Is She Now? The “Unpretty Rapstar” Contestant Flamed For Blackfishing

Her look has changed a lot!

In 2015, the rap competition show Unpretty Rapstar made its debut. Considered to be the female-only counterpart to Show Me The Money, the show’s first season featured many familiar faces like former AOA member Jimin and soloist Jessi.

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Due to its success, a second season quickly followed, featuring more idol contestants like former Wonder GirlsYubin, Billlie‘s Moon Sua, and Sistar‘s Hyolyn.

One of the most controversial members of the season turned out to be the show’s winner, Truedy, who came under international fire for what many considered blackfishing.

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“Blackfishing” is a term coined by journalist Wanna Thompson in 2018. It is defined as when a non-black person attempts to present themselves as racially ambiguous, normally black, usually to profit off of it somehow.

From the show’s start, many fans wondered if the rapper was mixed because of the image she constantly portrayed, and were shocked when her graduation photos showed her looking very different from her look at the time.

The issue was so big that Gilme, a different contestant, called out her apparent blackfishing during a rap battle, saying, “Stop your Halloween cosplaying. Your rap isn’t anything special, there’s no content. Black people? Take that dark make-up off.”

Truedy claimed her appearance showed her love and appreciation towards black culture, but viewers were not open to her explanations.

Ultimately, she won the show and joined Show Me The Money 6 as a contestant in 2017.  She officially debuted in 2018 with her only extended play to date, Rued. In imagery for the album, Truedy continued to wear “black” styles, sticking to her blackfishing image.

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Following this release, Truedy did not release any more albums, sticking to single tracks. In November 2021, she drew attention after announcing her engagement to baseball player Rhee Dae Eun, who she married the following month.

Truedy and Rhee Dae Eun.

Over time, Truedy’s image strayed away from the heavy blackfishing type looks she previously favored and more into her own personal style.

At the end of March 2023, the rapper appeared on the Mnet show I Can See Your Voice, where she performed BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down.”

Truedy is active on Instagram, sharing updates of her day-to-day life.