BTS’s J-Hope Is So Handsome He Once Left An NYPD Officer Completely Starstruck

Well, we can definitely guess who the officer’s bias is!

The members of BTS are clearly handsome individuals that always seem to starstruck those who lay their eyes on them. While they can cause someone to fall in love merely through a screen, J-Hope once took an NYPD officer’s breath away in person.


While trying to protect BTS by holding back excited fans, the NYPD officer witnessed each member’s gorgeous visuals as they walked past.

The officer seemed to be focused on protecting the members as they passed by, but it wasn’t until J-Hope started to walk closer that the officer’s eyes began to widen.

As J-Hope walked by, the officer couldn’t take their eyes off of him. Moving their head with their eyes glued to J-Hope, it’s clear the officer was stunned by J-Hope.

The officer’s facial expression after J-Hope walked past clearly shows how starstruck they were by his handsome visuals. ARMYs who have seen BTS in person can definitely relate to this officer’s reaction.

Check out the clip below:


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