NU’EST Minhyun’s Former “Marie Antoinette” Castmates Sent Him A Support Truck, Proving Their Bond Is Forever

The “Fersen 4” friendship is as strong as ever!

VIXX‘s Leo, Park Kang Hyun, and Son Jun Ho proved the bond between the former Marie Antoinette cast members and “Fersen 4” friends is forever with their gift to NU’EST‘s Hwang Minhyun.

| @baritong/Instagram

Minhyun recently shared photos of the coffee truck that Leo, Park Kang Hyun, and Song Jun Ho sent to him on the set of his first drama Live On (working title).

| @optimushwang/Instagram

In the post captioned with, “Touched. Forever Fersen,” Minhyun cutely hugs a banner which features a picture of Minhyun with Leo, Park Kang Hyun, and Son Jun Ho as well as a message cheering Minhyun on.

| @optimushwang/Instagram

Minhyun’s caption refers to the nickname he and his fellow Marie Antoinette costars were given. Last year, the four of them starred in the musical Marie Antoinette, with each of them playing the role of Count Axel Von Fersen. Through the role, they not only formed a close bond but they also earned the nickname “F4” or “Fersen 4.”

Posters from “Marie Antoinette” of the “F4”. From left to right: Leo, Son Jun Ho, Park Kang Hyun, and Minhyun.

With their sweet show of support for Minhyun, the “Fersen 4” has been warming everyone’s heart…

And proving that their friendship is as strong as ever!