NU’EST Aron Actually Looks Like All The Members Combined

NU’EST Aron’s blindingly handsome face is actually a combination of the other members’ best features.

It’s almost as if there was a recipe for his unique visuals!

Source: Aron’s Instagram

God started with a scoop of the leader….

You can’t go wrong with JR’s charm!

Source: Naver

Then he added a cup of the maknae….

A dash of Ren’s cuteness for good measure!

He added an extra dose of stage charisma…

Let’s get some of Minhyun’s show-stopping magnetism!

Lastly, God felt the need for a bucket full of the main vocalist…

Drown it with Baekho’s manly “Sexy Bandit” vibe!

When combined, the NU’EST members’ faces create none other than Aron!

Source: Pann Nate

Do you see the special ingredient?

Source: Pledis CEO Instagram