NU’EST’s Aron Claims Minhyun Looks at Himself in the Mirror over 50 Times a Day

The truth comes out.

On the most recent episode of KBS-2TV’s Hello Counsellor, NU’EST‘s Aron and Minhyun appeared as guests where Aron made the claim that Minhyun looks at himself over 50 times a day.

On the show, Hwang Minhyun proved just how strict he is when it comes to cleanliness by confessing, “I shower even if I’m just going to go to the convenience store.

And in response, Aron added, “Minhyun looks at the mirror over 50 times a day” and stirred up a laugh among the cast and audience.

When Lee Young Ja asked, “When you get married, you’re not going to make your wife lonely by always looking at yourself in the mirror, are you?” to which Minhyun cleverly replied, “I”ll just use my wife’s eyes as my mirror then.

Later into the show, Minhyun became the topic of conversation once more when the daughter of the main guest focused on more Minhyun’s face than her father’s worry.

And when the audience got excited at even the smallest things Minhyuns said, Kim Tae Gyun jokingly asked, “How does it feel to have people clap for you no matter what you say?” and made everyone laugh once more.

The Hello Counsellor episode featuring Minhyun and Aron’s appearance is airing today on April 29.

Source: Dispatch