NU’EST’s Baekho Leads “Baekho Blood Donation Day” Due To Shortage

He hopes that LOVEs will aid in this campaign that is close to his heart.

Pledis Entertainment has announced that NU’EST‘s Baekho has joined the ‘Baekho Blood Donation Day’ campaign to encourage blood donation on December 13. We ask that you give attention to this meaningful campaign and we hope that it will help many people.”

The campaign is meant to encourage participation in donating blood as there is a decrease due to COVID-19. Baekho himself visited the blood donation center in Yeongdeungpo to donate.

Baekho shared, “Blood cannot be replaced by artificial blood, so it is necessary for us to participate in blood donation. I think it will be a more meaningful year-end if you participate with your friends and family.” He also added that he is preparing a gift to fans so they will be encouraged to participate.

The campaign was especially promoted because Baekho had had a special relationship with blood donation. He expressed his desire to be a blood donation ambassador after his father was diagnosed with leukemia in 2015. His father sadly passed away in 2017, but now, in 2020, Baeko campaigns in honor of his father.

Source: Naver News