NU’EST’s Baekho Opens up About the Recent Passing of His Father

“I feel more longing than love for my father.”

NU’EST‘s Baekho recently appeared on Mnet’s The Call 2 where he opened up about the passing of his father.

Yoon Min Soo, Cheetah, Baekho, and Song Ga In were preparing for their final performance when Yoon Min Soo said, “I want to talk to you guys about family. My father passed away when I was young.

In response, Cheetah confessed, “My father passed away when I was young, too. I remember my mother for her love, but the only feeling I have for my father is longing.

When Baekho heard this, he revealed, “My father actually passed away recently.


He continued, “I also remember my father for longing rather than love. After my father passed away, my mother depended on me a great deal. I feel heavily weighed down by responsibilities these days.

Check out the full footage below:

Source: Dispatch