NU’EST Baekho Fan Ad Gets Torn Down Because Of Unresolved Sexual Assault Investigation

There was no alternative but to take it down.

A subway ad congratulating NU’EST W’s Baekho on his 6th year debut anniversary was taken down after one day of it being up at Apgujeong Station.


Seoul Metro announced that since Baekho is still under investigation for sexual assault, the ad had failed the quality inspection. It was up for a day, as Seoul Metro assumed it would pass but was taken down after the decision was made.


Last June, an anonymous user known as “Miss A” posted to an online community about her experience of being sexually assaulted by Baekho in 2009 when they attended cram school together in Jeju Island.

The victim uploaded various receipts, including Kakao Talk conversations and videos of herself speaking with Baekho on the phone.

A: Oppa, it’s me. Can you text [Kakao Talk]?
Baekho: OK ㅋㅋㅋㅋ What’s up?
A: Oppa, do you remember what happened 8 years ago? When Oppa sexually assaulted me?
Baekho: What?
A: Oppa, I said ‘do you remember when you sexually assaulted me’

Baekho: [Tried to call A] 
Baekho: [Cancelled] 
A: I’m in in a situation where I can’t call. Let’s talk over chat. Anyway, Oppa you remember right? 8 years ago, inside the YoungJae SaGwan Academy school bus. 
Baekho: What? Call me when you can. 


Although Pledis Entertainment released a statement saying that the claims are “completely untrue”, the case is still under investigation by the Jeju District Prosecutors’ Office.

With the uprising of the #MeToo movement, it is clear that Korean institutions and companies are treating sexual assault more seriously.

Source: Ranking News