Here’s What NU’EST Does as a Group When a Member Bursts into Tears on Stage

There was a lot of tears at their recent concert in Seoul.

NU’EST recently held a concert at the Olympic Gymnastics Hall in Seoul which was attended by 36,000 of their biggest fans.


On this evening, NU’EST performed their hit songs such as “Hello”, “FACE”, and “A Song for You”.

But in the middle of one of their songs, JR suddenly burst into tears while rapping, speculated to be because of how touched he felt by his fans and the concert itself.

When the other members noticed him crying, they watched him with concern in their eyes, and then later cried with him and even did a group hug on stage.

With the fans chanting for them to stop crying and the members comforting each other on stage, it’s hard not to feel touched by the overwhelming love that was witnessed at NU’EST’s recent concert.

Check out snippets of the sweet moments below:

Source: Dispatch