NU’EST Went All Out In A Hilarious Cosplay Dance Video And It’s Leaving Fans So Dead

Can you handle the visuals?

NU’EST uploaded a dance video, as a promise with the fans for winning #1 on a music program, and the content is so wild and beyond any fan’s imagination. The members went all out and dressed up in different costumes – from the SAW character to an angry avocado – and performed “BET BET” like it’s no big deal, becoming one of the greatest videos to exist on YouTube.


The members each dressed up as something extraordinary. Without the video explaining who is what in the beginning, it might as well be impossible to tell apart the members behind the quite amazing costumes!


JR is Dobby the House Elf from “Harry Potter” and Aron turned into a dog. Baekho, whose name means a white tiger, actually decided to go with a lion because that’s a thing NU’EST does. Minhyun went with the famous clown-masked character from the gore movie series “SAW”. Last, but absolutely not the least, Ren became an angry avocado – with a price tag of $3.

JR, Aron, Baekho, Minhyun, and Ren (Left to Right)


Just at the sight of their dress up, fans are already losing their minds over this video. But never underestimate NU’EST; as the video continues, the members are dead serious about the dance practice and the pure insanity of it all is leaving L.O.V.Es crying in laughter.


The video is now an ultimate source of a thousand and more memes to come. There are so many hilarious moments that are totally GIF worthy. Here are a few that are guaranteed to make you LOL immediately – including the one of Minhyun’s impeccable parking skill.


And Ren-vocado is a whole mood. For just $3, he is a pretty serious avocado. It is perhaps the funniest thing L.O.V.Es have ever seen – but at the same time, it is mind blowing for a lot of fans how he isn’t laughing while dancing.


JR screams “Dobby is free!” as he walks out in his ridiculous sunglasses and L.O.V.Es are rolling on the floor, laughing. NU’EST members really know how to have a good time, while giving their fans the best time.


L.O.V.Es are replaying the video countless times because there are so many things happening and a single watch would never cut it.


We’ll leave the video here. When you’re ready, watch and watch again: