Everyone Is Still Wheezing Over This Idol’s Reaction To NU’EST’s Human Bridge

He just couldn’t look away:

Although it’s been a week since NU’EST snagged a win on KBS‘s Music Bank with “BET BET” and did their stunning human bridge, everyone is still laughing hard over one idol’s reaction to their display.


On May 10, NU’EST took home a triple crown with their latest hit “BET BET” and as promised, the group displayed their unfaltering teamwork by creating a human bridge.


The bridge was so stunning nobody could take their eyes off of it including N.Flying‘s Jaehyun! When it was time for NU’EST to show their bridge, the other idols who were on stage began to leave…except Jaehyun!


As soon as Jaehyun caught sight of what they were doing he came to a complete stop on stage!


In fact, he was so transfixed that his fellow members had to tug him out of the frame and off the stage!


Jaehyun’s reaction to NU’EST immediately caught everyone’s attention and soon he was going viral. Meanwhile, netizens are stilling cracking up over his reaction!


It’s not hard to see why everyone is still so in love with the moment as it’s the perfect combination of cute and hilarious! Check out the moment along with NU’EST’s jaw-dropping human bridge in the video below.