Low-Quality Phone Photos Reveal What NU’EST’s Hwang Minhyun Actually Looks Like

Phone photos reveal what idols really look like with no edits or enhancements made.

Online communities have been gathering low-quality phone photos of NU’EST‘s Hwang Minhyun in order to show what he looks like in real life.

It’s common for many photos of idols to be edited or enhanced, but phone photos taken by fans reveal what they really look like.

And what Hwang Minhyun really looks like is a god.

Despite the photos being low-quality and having been taken at random instances, Hwang Minhyun manages to turn all the photos into photoshoot shots.

On the contrary, the low-quality photos make him look even more handsome thanks to how raw and realistic the photos look.

It’s as if he never needed edits or enhancements to his photos in the first place.

Fans who saw these photos for the first time expressed their awe through comments such as “Hwang Minhyun’s visuals are seriously the best” and “I really want to see him in real life“.

Check out some more phone photos of Hwang Minhyun below:


Source: Insight