NU’EST’s JR and Minhyun Reveal How They “Heal Themselves” When They Need a Pick-Me-Up from Life

Both of their methods are too cute for words.

In a recent V Live broadcast, NU’EST‘s JR and Minhyun shared their methods of how they heal themselves when they need a little pick-me-up from life.

During the broadcast, JR and Minhyun introduced Dispatch’s Healing Project and proceeded to ask each other how they heal themselves when they need it.

When Minhyun asked JR what he does, JR replied, “Whenever I want to heal myself, I take out my phone, go into my contacts, and then search Minhyun’s number.

He continued, “Then I call him via video chat and ask him to sing for me” and added that he can get both a good night’s sleep and some healing time as a result.

Minhyun then explained his method, which is to take out his phone, go into a search engine, and look up JR’s Dispatch photos.

He confessed that he looks at those photos while eating, and that allows him to heal effectively.

When JR heard this, he expressed his surprise and remarked, “Just ask me to come over next time when you eat” and filled the entire room with laughter.


Source: Dispatch