NU’EST’s JR Reveals His True Identity By Asking The Members To Do This

And the members didn’t hesitate to comply.

On a recent episode of Star Road, NU’EST members took some time to answer questions about their teamwork, their careers, and their fans. While the talk was serious and heartfelt, JR did one thing that’s too cute and silly; and the fans couldn’t help but realize JR’s true identity behind his K-Pop idol exterior!


In this episode, NU’EST members sat in front of a table, feasting on a bunch of Korean food, and discussed their K-Pop lives. Each member took a turn drawing a random question from a tin of choices.


When they had a minute left for just one more, JR took the liberty and drew the final question. He unfolded the paper and read the question…


… to realize that he had picked out a good one for wrapping up the heartfelt talk at the table. JR immediately became super proud of his newly found talent at drawing solid questions!

Oh wow, look at that. I picked the perfect last question. I’m so good! I think I did a great job picking this one out as our last one. Right? Tell me I did a good job!

— JR


Completely overtaken by his sense of accomplishment, JR asked his fellow NU’EST members to pet him and give him the love and attention he deserves for being a good question-chooser. And watching this, fans couldn’t help but compare JR to a big golden retriever who really needed to be called a good boy!


The hilarious thing is, NU’EST members didn’t seem surprised by JR’s request. Instead, they all casually reached out to his head and gave him such encouraging pats. It seemed like the members were all very used to JR’s constant need for affection and petting!

I love how they know exactly what to do as soon as JR puts his head out.

— NU’EST Fan

JR has so much aegyo, it’s the f*cking cutest thing on Earth.

— NU’EST Fan

UWU at JR for needing to be pet… and UWU at the members for petting JR like it’s NBD.

— NU’EST Fan


Fans are now cracking up at simply how much aegyo JR has in every day life. If JR’s little “Pet Me Please” moment doesn’t remind you of a big, loving golden retriever, we’re not sure what will!


Watch the full clip here:

Source: THEQOO