NU’EST Baekho And Minhyun Reveal Their Story To Becoming Idols

“My mom was mainly worried about…”

In the latest DIVE Studios‘ podcast episode, K-Pop Daebak with Eric Nam, Eric Nam connected with NU’EST‘s two members Baekho and Minhyun!

During the episode, Eric Nam asked Baekho and Minhyun a series of intriguing questions and mentioned he was curious about the two’s past. In order to feed him and the viewer’s curiosity, Eric Nam asked about the two’s casting stories!

Minhyun shared that they were both casts the same way which led Eric Nam to ask, “Which street did you get scouted on?” While the two share the same way of getting scouted, Baekho clarified they were cast at different locations.

We got scouted at different places. I was scouted in Jeju Island. Someone from the company gave me their business card while I was hanging out with friends. He told me he was from Pledis and asked if I wanted to become a singer.

— Baekho

From there, Baekho continued and shared that he went on to audition for the company and moved to Seoul to begin his training.

I auditioned, moved to Seoul to become a trainee, and then debuted.

— Baekho

Baekho claimed that Minhyun shared a similar casting story to him, just in different locations. Minhyun stated, “I was scouted on the way home one time in middle school.”

Following Minhyun’s story, Baekho revealed that all the members in the group shared similar stories of being cast into Pledis Entertainment: “We all got scouted this way.”

Eric Nam then asked how their families felt after hearing the news of their street casting and going to audition for Pledis Entertainment.

Baekho revealed that his parents were against the idea of him going auditioning to become a singer.

My family was against it, but they weren’t completely against it. They kept telling me no but, eventually, they lost it and told me, ‘Do whatever you want!’ So I did what I wanted to do.

— Baekho

Minhyun admitted that he actually did not have big dreams towards becoming a singer at the time he was scouted. Minhyun stated that he merely enjoyed singing as a hobby.

I didn’t have a firm desire to become a singer when I was a kid, but I always liked to singing. I used to sing at home a lot.

— Minhyun

Because of his love for singing, Minhyun stated his mom was supportive of him but was uncertain about the legitimacy of the company at the time.

My mom was mainly worried about the company. There were a lot of scams back then, so my mom called the company to verify them. They told her their plans on making a 5 person group, and that 3 were already in training. My mom knew I liked singing so she told me to go try out for the audition. I went there, and here I am now with NU’EST.

— Minhyun

To wrap up Baeho and Minhyun’s stories, Eric Nam asked how they felt upon meeting one another for the first time. Minhyun revealed his first impression of the group and it’s too cute.

I remember my first impression. After becoming a trainee, I went to the company…Baekho, JR, and Ren were practicing. I met them and I just couldn’t help but notice…how handsome they were. I’ve never seen good looking people like this in Busan.

— Minhyun

Check out the video below!