NU’EST’s Minhyun Jokes That He Wants To Get Revenge On His CEO For His Styling During “Sleep Talking” Promotions

He already has a plan.

Recently, NU’EST appeared on LieV, a sleepover themed broadcast. There, member Hwang Minhyun joked that he wanted to talk with their CEO, much to his member’s excitement.

He mentioned their past promotions from an old title track, “Sleep Talking,” and his distaste for his make-up. The members couldn’t help but laugh.

He also brought up how he would have a fake tattoo near his pelvis that said, “LOVE.”

He would also usually rock a fluorescent green sweater with gold shorts, of course. Let’s not forget those floral tights and knee-high socks!

He then proceeded to joke that he would like to invite the CEO and dress up his clothes for “Sleep Talking.” Halloween just passed, but it’s never too late for the CEO to take Minhyun up on his challenge.

Source: Instiz