NU’EST’s Minhyun Proves He’s The Perfect Husband Material On “I Live Alone”

Yeah, we’d marry him.

On the show I Live Alone, fans got an exclusive look inside the private life of NU’EST‘s Minhyun. He was spotted building IKEA furniture, separating his laundry before loading it, and even dusting and cleaning around the house – all the while looking like a whole prince. With that, fans are now calling him the perfect husband material!


Minhyun started off his day by making his bed, five-star-hotel style. He made sure the blanket wasn’t wrinkled and the pillows were fluffed right. He took the time to really turn his bed into something straight out of a furniture catalog. Only when it looked picture perfect, Minhyun moved on to his next routine of the day. And watching this, fans couldn’t help but UWU over how dreamy that bedroom looks!


Minhyun’s fridge also showed the viewers how neat and organized he is in daily life. While he didn’t have a lot of food stocked in the fridge, what he had was organized like a shelf at a supermarket! Minhyun shared that having this kind of order in his life gives him satisfaction and happiness throughout the day. The real question is though, who wouldn’t be happy with Minhyun in the kitchen?


Then Minhyun moved on to do his laundry. Here, the fans completely fell in love with how he kept his laundry separate by colors – and proceeded to load the washing machine with only dark colored clothing. This actually wowed the show panels too, two of whom didn’t think separating was necessary. Minhyun really knows how to keep his place nice and clean – and fans are now asking where they can sign up for a personal Minhyun as well.


The show also followed Minhyun around when he was cleaning around the house. He decided to dust because he is allergic to dust and can’t stand having any in the house. Fully equipped with a mask and a handy duster, Minhyun began wiping away at every nook and cranny. After seeing the way he so meticulously cleaned the house, Minhyun’s fans turned to actively Googling how to become a duster.


Minhyun was also spotted putting together furniture by himself. He struggled a bit at first, but soon he figured out how to connect the pieces together and successfully assembled his brand new bookshelf. Throughout the show Minhyun has seemed perfect enough already, but this really became the cherry on top!


All the while being this flawless of a man, Minhyun also managed to mesmerize the viewers with his looks too. Handsome, hardworking, and handy? Minhyun is definitely K-Pop’s #1 husband material!

Watch a part of Minhyun’s segment from the show below: