NU’EST Minhyun’s Solo Track “Universe” Trends After Being Featured On Primetime Television

One verse and everyone was hooked.

In a recent episode of I Live Alone, Henry joined the show hosts on a summer retreat. While catching up on some R&R time, Kian84 tried hypnosis on Henry. He requested Henry to close his eyes and picture a door…


… to which Henry tried his best to play along. Lying on his back, Henry had his eyes shut, trying to imagine a door.


Kian84 then asked Henry to open the door and share what he sees. Henry paused briefly before answering, “The universe.”

Kian84: What do you see?
Henry: The universe.
Kian84: The universe…?


At this moment, the show decided to play NU’EST Minhyun‘s solo track “Universe” in the background. Minhyun’s unique voice began filling the audio and the viewers immediately became intrigued by the sound of it!


Once the episode aired, Minhyun’s “Universe” ranked the most searched keyword on search engines and music streaming applications for a while. Viewers, mesmerized by Minhyun’s refreshing vocal, made this song released earlier this year trend on the internet all over again!


Minhyun’s “Universe”, described to be “a medium tempo, R&B-Pop genre track that exhibits a sophisticated and lyrical ambiance through the harmony of a cozy guitar riff and trendy synth sound”, is – in other words – a whole bop that deserves a spot on everyone’s playlist!

Listen to Minhyun’s “Universe” here:


And watch the I Live Alone segment that made the song go viral again here: