NU’EST Celebrated Their Music Bank Win by Forming the Coolest Human Bridge Ever

They promised their fans prior to the show that they’d make the bridge if they took 1st place.

NU’EST recently took 1st place on KBS’s Music Bank meaning they snagged a triple crown with their song, “BET BET”.

During their performance, they couldn’t have looked any sexier while slaying their choreography in black and white outfits.

In addition, Minhyun got a close-up shot toward the end as the “ending fairy” of the day and looked absolutely stunning.

After taking first place, NU’EST expressed their happiness and gratitude by saying, “This took a long time, but it feels amazing to win such a meaningful award. Thank you to our fans, who made us into who we are today.

They then kept their promise of making a human bridge as a way of displaying their solid teamwork by getting on the ground and piling top of each other.

The way they formed a round bridge was impressive, to say the least, and it elicited positive responses from fans who’ve always cheered them on.

Check out the video clip of their human bridge below:

Source: Dispatch