NU’EST’s Ren Reveals What His Reaction Would Be If He Met His Role Model Lady Gaga—It’s Super Adorable

He clearly is the biggest Lady Gaga fan

NU’EST Ren has always made his love for Lady Gaga known to the world and he wasn’t afraid to express his love again to Allure Korea. In his interview, Ren mentioned Lady Gaga as his biggest inspiration and also revealed how he’d react if he ever got to meet her! It’s truly heartwarming!

Ren has proven his love for Lady Gaga multiple times by covering her songs to even nailing her signature looks! Ren clearly admires her and it’s so sweet! They definitely need to meet!

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In his Ask Allure video interview, Ren was asked, “I know that you are a huge fan of Lady Gaga, what would you say when you get to meet her?”

Instead of words, Ren adorably expressed what his emotions would be through body language. Ren showed he would gasp and then finally followed it with, “Oh my God.

Ren then changed his gesture and claimed he would hug her and say, “Hi Gaga. Long time no see. I miss you always.

Ren further explained, “I am guessing I would say, ‘I have always been admiring you.’

As for what he wants to do if he meets Lady Gaga, Ren shared, “I truly hope that one day I would get to meet Lady Gaga and have dinner. I guess that’s too much, just have a small conversation together. That’s written on my bucket list.

It’s no surprise that Ren also claimed Lady Gaga is his biggest influence in life. In his written interview, Ren described the several ways Lady Gaga inspires him.

Q: Where does such extraordinary influence come from?

Lady Gaga. My favorite musician is Lady Gaga. Whether it’s music, style, or stage, it’s all very unconventional. It’s really cool. It can be said that it was influenced a lot.

— Ren

Hopefully, Ren can meet Lady Gaga soon because he has definitely one of her biggest fans!

Check out the video below:

Source: Allure Korea