NU’EST’s Ren Confesses That He’s Lonely and Hasn’t Dated in a Really Long Time

Ren also revealed his ideal type!

NU’EST‘s Ren drew overwhelming attention by confessing on JTBC’s Hogu Chart that he always feels lonely.

When fellow cast members expressed their surprise and asked why that was, Ren answered that he doesn’t know, but that he’s very lonely, and that he feels especially lonely before he goes to sleep.

Ren then received a question regarding his dating life to which he revealed that he hasn’t dated in a really long time.

In response, Jung Hyuk advised that his loneliness is probably because he’s not dating and that he should pursue it.

What followed was Ren going on to reveal his ideal type.

Rather than outer appearances, I want our personalities to be compatible. But if I had to specify a physical trait, I tend to like skinny girls.

– Ren

Check out Ren’s full confession below:


Source: Dispatch