NU’EST’s REN Looking Ethereal Under The Sun Will Bless Your Eyes For Sure

“Everything about him is so K-Pop!”

NU’EST‘s REN is known to be one of the “prettiest” male idols out there in the K-Pop world. And in a series of these recent pictures from a small fan meeting, he did not disappoint. Glowing almost transparent under the sunlight, REN looked ethereal and simply too good to be true!


Fans were blessed with these photos of REN, sporting his blue knitted sweater that brought out his gorgeous skin tone even better. REN’s skin, also famous to be flawless AF, sparkled under the Korean summer sun.



REN seemed to be taking in the sunlight, with his eyes softly closed and face turned toward the rays. He looked completely serene and the fans are so in love with this visual explosion.


But by far, the fans’ favorite is this picture of REN leaping into the air like a summer fairy. Fans are now calling him a dandelion seed, fluffy and delicate, flying ever so lightly in the air!

He’s lighting up the world.

— REN’s Anonymous Fan 1

I love how the natural light is making him look even more refreshing. He’s beautiful.

— REN’s Anonymous Fan 2

Everything about him is so K-Pop!

— REN’s Anonymous Fan 3

Source: THEQOO