NU’EST’s REN Screaming In This Game Of “What’s In The Box” Is A Whole Mood

This is why we love him.

On a recent episode of Star Road, NU’EST played a game of “What’s In The Box?”, where one of the members had to put his hand inside a box and describe what he can feel, while the others guessed the item being described. The game sounds simple enough, but it wasn’t that easy for REN.


When the box is brought out, viewers could see that inside is a plate of barley crackers that are classic munchies for a lot of Koreans. REN was chosen to put his hand inside the box and describe this snack – and right from the beginning, REN entered a state of complete shock and terror.


REN knelt down next to the box, but he didn’t seem too sure of what he was about to do. The other members urged REN to fully insert his hand, but REN began flinching and screaming even before his hand even goes inside.


When JR tried to force REN’s hand inside the box, REN screamed. He screeched around like a hawk for a while before he finally got the courage to put his hand through the little opening on the top of the box…


… and came more screaming and screeching. REN’s facial expressions as he battled himself to touch the barley crackers now have us relating so hard. That’s exactly how we feel when the weekend is over and Monday is near.


Eventually, REN ended up figuring out what was inside the box – but not in the way the game suggested to be done. With so much fear and anxiety built up in his heart, REN decided to throw the whole box down, seeing for himself that it was only a plate of barley crackers giving him all sorts of nightmares.


And that is why we love REN!