NU’EST’s Ren Confesses He Destroyed a Toilet After Drinking Too Much Soju

Ren has a very high soju tolerance.

On a recent episode of JTBC’s Hogu Chart, NU’EST‘s Ren shared a story of how he drank too much and destroyed a toilet.

When Ren was asked if he ever drank too much, he confessed, “My limit is 6 bottles of soju. I once drank that much and ripped out a toilet.

In response to the cast’s surprise, Ren continued, “My accommodation at the time was poor. Water sprayed everywhere after that.

According to Ren, he felt so powered up by the alcohol that he grabbed onto the toilet and then fell over with it in his arms.

When fans heard this interesting experience, they responded with comments such as “That’s unexpected with his sweet face“, “He’s cute no matter what he does“, and “That’s a story I would have expected from him“.

Source: Dispatch and Mel Magazine