NU’EST Ren’s Drastic Muscle Gain Method Worries Fans

His extreme weight gain method is what worried them.

NU’EST held their media showcase of their newest mini album ‘The Table’ on October 21 at Kyunghee University Peace Hall in Seoul.

Ren, who has always been known for his slim figure, revealed the extreme way he tried to bulk up for this comeback.

While preparing for the album, I drank six protein shakes a day to build up my body. The excessive consumption made me gain a lot of fat in my face.

He mentioned that this was progress to stop him from looking skinny.

If you see me from the MV trailer to our jacket pictures, you can see my progress with me looking skinnier. I drank protein with the goal of looking like a realistic boyfriend.

Fans had mixed reactions to this revelation, with some praising his dedication and coolness.

NU’EST Ren is so cool, fighting!!

Hul so handsome!

– Korean Netizens

Most, however, were very worried at the excessive amount of protein he took.

One scoop of protein has 24-27 grams of protein so if you take that six times a day along with other foods, you’re consuming over 200 grams of protein a day… that’s just crazy.

Supplements should be taken as supplements, it’s better to eat natural whole foods. Don’t drink protein shakes more than twice a day.

– Korean Netizens

They say that he could potentially ruin his organs this way.

You’re going to ruin your liver… twice at most is best.

That’s going to ruin his liver and organs.

You’ll get sick if you eat too much protein.

Why is his agency letting himdrink all that? Even non-celebrities know that eating like that isn’t healthy..,

– Korean Netizens

Check out the MV teaser Ren mentioned below:


Source: Nate